Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Once you've finished the long project of completing your quilt, have you ever wanted to make accessories to match? Pillowcases are a great way to compliment your project! I love to include my children in my sewing and a change of season is a great excuse to make a new pillowcase. For this 'Burrito Pillowcase' you'll need 3/4 yard of the main fabric and 1/3 yard for the cuff.

Step 1. Square up your fabric

Most people have been taught to square up your fabric by the salvage edge. However, the salvage can be off and your fabric will not lay nicely. Can you see the ripple in the photo?

However if you fold your fabric to create a straight edge and square up the sides your fabric will lay nicely and won't want to twist.


Step 2.  Layout
Once you get both of your fabrics squared up. You're ready to begin laying out your pillowcase. You'll want lay all your fabrics 'right' side up.
Step 3.  Roll
I pin both fabrics together in the middle of the panels and then pin going out in each direction. This will prevent the fabric from shifting. Then we begin to roll.
Step 4. Sew 'Burrito'
Once you get your 'burrito' rolled then pin all three layers together.

Once you get your pins in place, you are now ready to go to the machine.
Step 5. Pull out
After you've sewn your tube you'll be pulling out the main fabric from inside your 'burrito'.

Once it's all pulled through you'll need to press and pin your pillow case and begin your french seams.
Step 6. Sew wrong sides together
After pinning wrong sides together you will sew the raw edge and then turn the case inside out and sew that seam again. Creating your 'french seam'. 
Finished seam with wrong sides together...

Turn inside out and sew right sides together...

All done! Didn't they do a great job!!
Enjoy your day! And may your bobbins always be full!


  1. Great tutorial and well done to your children! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Thanks for this tutorial - I love to quilt, and might just make a matching case now too - lovely to see your children helping! Great job!


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