Friday, November 2, 2012

Project Organization!

Here at the shop we are always looking for ways to make life easier for ourselves and our customers! The other day Tracey came up with this ingenious idea to carry your projects with you, so while you're out you could pick up items needed for any project on your sewing table!

Here's what she did...

For this project you will need:

3 x 5 cards
3 x 5 card holder

First get out all your 'active' projects. Then taking one at a time lay out everything you have on hand for your project. This way you can see what you have and what you still need.

Next write all your project information on your 3 x 5 card, like so...

Finally, on the back of each card staple a small swatch of each fabric you have and the amount of each. Then list the remaining amounts and the colors you still need on the front of the card. When you have all your supplies listed appropriately highlight the project name, indicating this is a completed project supply list.

Now you can pop all your cards into your 3 x 5 card holder, place it in your purse and when you're out and about you'll be ready if you find a quilt shop on your travels! You won't be wondering if that fabric you just love is the right shade or if it's a 1/2 yard or 3/4 yard you need!

Happy sewing and may your bobbins always be full!

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