Friday, November 9, 2012

Quick Scarf Tutorial...

Looking for a quick gift? We've got you covered. I was on the Moda Bakeshop website the other night and found this fun and easy scarf pattern. It takes one charm pack and 20 inches of flannel (WOF). Here's how mine turned out...

First you take your charm squares and mix them up and pair them so you can zip through chain piecing them. YES, I said mix them up! Put away your OCD for now, believe me it'll be great! After I paired up my squares I just stacked them up and started stitching.

Once you get all your pairs stitched then press them open. Be sure to press half one way and then the other so when you stitch your four patches they will nest nicely. Then pin your seam so you will have nice corners. When you press your four patches, to avoid have that bulk of fabric in the middle of your block snip your fabric and then press. Be sure NOT to snip your stitching!

Then just continue adding to your scarf. Repeating the process of pinning and pressing. I used all but two charm squares. Once you get all your patches sewn together, press and cut your flannel into two strips 9 1/2 inches by WOF. You'll need to sew them together end to end RST. Then lay your flannel strip RST with your patchwork and even them up, pin and stitch 1/4 inch seam around the outside leaving and opening on the side to flip out your scarf.

After I turned out the scarf I stitched another 1/4 inch seam around the edge to close it up and give it a more finished look. There voila' you have a lovely scarf!

 So what do you think!! Easy and fast! Send us your photos if you make one! We'd love to see how they turn out! Happy stitching and may your bobbins always be full!

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