Thursday, May 28, 2015

Dresden Plate Quilt History

Do you love Dresden plates quilts as much as we do at The Parish? The Dresden plate pattern has a rich history. Did you know? The Dresden Plate quilt pattern was one of the most popular quilts made during the 1920s and 30s. It was first published in the 20s. However it was not always under the name Dresden Plate. Friendship Ring, Aster, Grandmother's Sunburst, Dahlia and Sunflower are all names we've seen for this popular pattern.

The 1930s version is easy to date because of the traditional floral prints of that time. Some were made with appealingly patterned feed sacks while others were made with solid fabrics.The quilt of this time frame was made of blocks with fabric appliqu├ęd in a series of compass like blocks with flat edges. The petals or plates radiate from a central circle which is more illustrative of a flower. Which is why there are so many flower names for this pattern.

Even though the Dresden Plate did not gain popularity in it's current form until the late 1920s the forerunner of this block were the fan patterns of the late 1800s.  You may be familiar with these fans in Victorian crazy quilting and other quilts of the era. 

Today the Dresden Plate is still popular with those who love vintage 30s fabrics. Here at The Parish is have a wonderful collection of these fabrics and excited to show you how easy and addicting this block can be! Come in today and see our FREE demo!

Happy stitching and may your bobbin always be full!