Sunday, September 16, 2012

Twister Quilt Tutorial...

Hey, have you ever seen those cool 'Twister' quilts? I for one, am attracted to quilts that have stars or interesting block motifs. Here is an easy way get a complicated look with a really easy method. All you need are some charm squares and the 'twister' tool.
Here we go!
First you need to sew all your charm squares together in a patch work style. Once you get them sewn together, then we cut and the magic happens!

Now we start cutting. You have to have the interior border so that you have a seam to line up on and then we cut like so. Be sure to cut just the square so that you don't go into your next block. Can you see the + on the seam where the pink, green and yellow come together?

Once you get the squares cut then you connect them to make the twists.

I cut them and lay them out in strips so that I can be sure to press the correct way to have nesting seams. Then you will have perfect points. As you go you'll see the magic the farther you go.
Once you get you middle complete you can just add your borders and you're good to go. It's fairly quick, easy and looks amazing when you're done. If you need help with borders see my earlier  'Borders! Borders! Borders!' post.
So there you go! Give it a try! We carry both the 'lil twister' tool and 'big twister' tool!
Happy sewing and may your bobbins always be full!

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