Sunday, September 23, 2012


So have to caught the hexagon craze? It seems every where I look there are hexagons. We have a great new little kit in the shop that makes little mini hexagons and you can sew them into a wall hanging or other project.

The other night at show and tell Star gave us a little demonstration on making hexagons. They really do look easy and you can literally make anything out of them!! (see below)

So first you take the little hexagon cards and place them in the center of your fabric squares. For the tiny hexagons, those Moda Candies we have in the shop would be perfect. Then you just baste around the hex, nothing fancy, just large basting stitches.

Once you get it all basted you will have this.
Then lay out your hexagons to make your pattern and then begin stitching them together.
 Remove the papers/cards from the fabric and you're done! Cute, huh?
Remember how I said you can make anything with them. Look at this!!
Happy sewing and may your bobbins always be full!!

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