Monday, January 30, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday Snacks

Do you find that every Super Bowl Sunday you're either the hostess or being dragged off to someone else's house and asked to bring some food? Well, we know the stress and the pressure that it can bring. So! We have a recipe that is delicious but also helps cut back on calories.

Chicago Deep-Dish Pizza
This pizza does take a while to make, but it is worth your time and effort! Pizza is always a popular food item during the big game because it is easy to pick up, eat, and never take your eyes off the TV. So if you want to try and sneak in a serving of vegetables into your husband's daily diet while he's distracted with football, then this pizza is for you!

Doesn't that look so good? If I looked at pictures like these too long then I'm pretty sure I could eat two pizzas. All by myself.

The ingredients for this tasty dish are quite long, but most of them are things that are usually kept in stock in the average kitchen.

For the recipe with directions on how to make this dish, click here.

And if you wanted to extra creative for Super Bowl Sunday, you could even arrange the chicken sausages and vegetables to make a little football! I bet the guys would be impressed.

For other great ideas on game day finger foods, click here.

And if you don't have anything to do on Super Bowl Sunday... come join us here at The Parish for our "Soup"-er Bowl Sunday Celebration!
We will be serving soup and featuring some workshops! For more information call us today at (253)531-4309.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Valentines, Valentines, and More Valentines!

Well, although we have already been blogging about Valentine's Day the past few weeks, it's just too fun to stop! 

This week I was thinking about how fun it was for me to sew with my mom as a little girl. I loved feeling like I was good enough to help her with a project. And then a thought occurred to me: a valentine's quilt doesn't have to be fancy, or intricate, or covered in hearts. It just needs the colors red, pink, and white! 

So here is my suggestion.
Get your children who are interested and/or old enough to understand and tell them they're going to make a Valentine's Day Quilt for Dad. "What to use for fabric?" you may ask. Well, go to your stash and pick up all the red, pink, or white scraps that you have. Any red, pink, or white fabric will work! Since you're working with your children, you don't need a fancy pattern. Just sewing together squares will be perfect.

Have each child help a little at a time. Maybe if they don't want to use the machine, let them pick which square goes next or how big to make the squares. Once the quilt is finished take them to the store with you to pick out the backing. You don't need binding (unless you want it). A simple envelope-style quilt will be perfect for this project.

Sew the layers together, flip the quilt, stitch the hole shut, and enjoy your finished project! 

This homemade quilt will be a tender gift for your husband. After all, a dad's sweetest Valentine on February 14th is his daughter.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Warm Your Cold, Winter Feet

If you are anything like me, then you hate to have cold feet. However, I think my husband might hate it more when I have cold feet because they always seem to gravitate towards him when they're in ice-cube state. Strange how that happens.

And again, if you are anything like me, you find that winter days where you are stuck inside tend to drag on and become quite boring. So I thought to myself, "Well. What can I do to fix both of these problems?" And Martha Stewart gave me the solution!

Stephanie's Sewn Felt Slippers
Aren't they so cute?!

Not only are these slippers cute, but they're easy to make!
All you need for this project is:

Slipper template (download by clicking here)
18-by-18-inch piece of 3 millimeter wool felt (you can purchase some online by clicking here)
Chalk pen or pencil
Thread, such as silk or heavy-duty polyester
Sewing supplies

These slippers will be soft, warm, and perfect for lounging around the house! You can sew them up as gifts for a spouse, grandchild, friend, or relative. 

And if you want to put a Valentine's Day Spin on them, fill them with candy and hand embroider a heart on the back of the slipper!

For instructions on how to make these, click here.

So lets stop the freezing feet and dragging days of winter, and make these ADORABLE slippers!

May your bobbin always be full,

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Free Shipping... Say What?!

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Fun Valentine Craft!

With Valentine's Day coming up in a little over a month, now is the time to start on all of your sewing projects! And if you don't have any ideas for a fun project that brings the happiness of Valentine's Day into your home, we have one for you!

Heart Shaped Pot Holders from Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts

These adorable pot holders will not only decorate your kitchen, but they will be functional as well! 

To complete this project (1 pot holder), you will need:

1. Heart shaped pot holder pattern template, which you can download by clicking here.
2. Approximately 1/2 yard cotton batting, cut into three 12-inch squares.
3. Approximately 1/2 yard cotton fabric, cut into 12-inch squares.
4. 1 yard bias tape. 

 For instructions with pictures of the steps, you can click here

To get the cute look of these hearts, you will need half-yard cuts of a few red, pink, or white fabrics.
Here at the shop we have a GREAT selection of fabric that would be absolutely perfect for these! Come visit us soon so that you can get your fabric and get started!