Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Fun Valentine Craft!

With Valentine's Day coming up in a little over a month, now is the time to start on all of your sewing projects! And if you don't have any ideas for a fun project that brings the happiness of Valentine's Day into your home, we have one for you!

Heart Shaped Pot Holders from Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts

These adorable pot holders will not only decorate your kitchen, but they will be functional as well! 

To complete this project (1 pot holder), you will need:

1. Heart shaped pot holder pattern template, which you can download by clicking here.
2. Approximately 1/2 yard cotton batting, cut into three 12-inch squares.
3. Approximately 1/2 yard cotton fabric, cut into 12-inch squares.
4. 1 yard bias tape. 

 For instructions with pictures of the steps, you can click here

To get the cute look of these hearts, you will need half-yard cuts of a few red, pink, or white fabrics.
Here at the shop we have a GREAT selection of fabric that would be absolutely perfect for these! Come visit us soon so that you can get your fabric and get started!

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