Thursday, January 26, 2012

Valentines, Valentines, and More Valentines!

Well, although we have already been blogging about Valentine's Day the past few weeks, it's just too fun to stop! 

This week I was thinking about how fun it was for me to sew with my mom as a little girl. I loved feeling like I was good enough to help her with a project. And then a thought occurred to me: a valentine's quilt doesn't have to be fancy, or intricate, or covered in hearts. It just needs the colors red, pink, and white! 

So here is my suggestion.
Get your children who are interested and/or old enough to understand and tell them they're going to make a Valentine's Day Quilt for Dad. "What to use for fabric?" you may ask. Well, go to your stash and pick up all the red, pink, or white scraps that you have. Any red, pink, or white fabric will work! Since you're working with your children, you don't need a fancy pattern. Just sewing together squares will be perfect.

Have each child help a little at a time. Maybe if they don't want to use the machine, let them pick which square goes next or how big to make the squares. Once the quilt is finished take them to the store with you to pick out the backing. You don't need binding (unless you want it). A simple envelope-style quilt will be perfect for this project.

Sew the layers together, flip the quilt, stitch the hole shut, and enjoy your finished project! 

This homemade quilt will be a tender gift for your husband. After all, a dad's sweetest Valentine on February 14th is his daughter.

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