Friday, October 19, 2012

Table Runner Kits...

The holidays are gaining on us and we need to be ready! I know that we are all working hard to get all of our gifts completed and decorations made. At the shop we have some new kits just to help you with those trimmings around your holiday table.

They go together fairly quickly and are just a snap! Here's the one that I am making for a sample and I have a few tips.

First, be organized! Once you measure out your fabrics in your kit to see which color are for which pieces of your project, get them organized so you can see how things are going to go together.

Second, lay it all out. I sometimes have a hard time seeing things when they are on point. This runner is a good example of that. I guess my brain just doesn't work that way, so laying things out so you can ensure your pieces are going the correct way is a big help.

Lastly snip! When you have all these little piece of fabric coming together it can be a challenge to get your project to press flat, so it will lay nice. Ann has a wonderful technique that can alleviate this problem. You simply snip the fabric where the seams all come together. See photo.


 Then when you press, you get this cute little four patch. It may be a pain to snip all those intersections, but in the end your project will lay nice and your quilting will be better because you won't have all those large bumps of fabric to go over! Be sure to NOT snip all the way through your stitching!!

Well I hope you are enjoying your sewing for this holiday season. And if you need a new runner for yourself or a gift, pop in and pick up one of this nifty kits! Not in love with our choice of fabrics? That's OK, pick out your own and we can cut you a kit you'll adore!
Happy stitching and may your bobbins always be full! My next post will be a tutorial to make a table topper out of our newest Moda Candies! So stay tuned...

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