Friday, October 26, 2012

Booford Treat Bag...

Halloween is Wednesday! Are you ready? We have a great quick treat bag idea for you that you can have ready for the 'trick-or-treaters' in your life! Tracy put this one together for her grandson and we will walk you through the 'how to'!

Here's what she did...

For this project you'll need:

2  - 1/2 yard cuts of fabric for the bag
1/4 yard of fabric for the handles
1 fat quarter of white or cream fabric for Booford
1 fat quarter of 'Steam a Seam'
coordinating thread
rotary cutter and mat
sewing machine
Booford pattern - pick this up from the Parish
Marking Pencil
Black thread for buttonhole stitch on Booford
Two buttons (She used black)
An embroidery hoop
Cosmo or DMV black embroidery thread
She used a size 10 embroidery needle. 2 strands

First press your fabric and then cut off the salvage.

Next, fold your fabric in half and cut off the fold. You will now have four pieces of fabric. Two for the outside and two for the inside of your bag.

Place one piece of your exterior and one piece of your interior pieces of fabric right sides together.

Next even up your fabric and then stitch right sides together, leaving an opening for your handles. Do this twice. Then flip out and press.

To make your handles you will need to cut your 1/4 yard piece of fabric into two 4.5 inch strips by WOF. Sew right sides together and then turn out the tube and press.

Now that you have your bag parts sewn, you can now work on Booford! First you'll need to trace him and cut him out.
Once you have Booford all cut out, you're ready to place him on the outside of your bag and stitch.
After putting Booford on your bag you are now ready to finish up. Double fold the openings on the sides of your bags and place your straps inside and stitch.
Finish off your bag, by using the french seams technique. Turn out and you're done!

Now she just needs to add his button eyes and her little grandson will be ready for 'tricks-n-treats'! Come in now or order online and get 40% off all Halloween fabric! Happy stitching and may your bobbins always be full!

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