Monday, October 8, 2012

Playing with ideas...

Hope you had a wonderful, sewing filled weekend! I've been tossing around an idea to create a Christmas Tree Quilt made out of 'twists'. The ones that you use the 'twister' tool to make. What gave me the idea was the pattern for the 'Twisted Heart' in the book 'Let's Twist Again'.

So I laid out all my squares and was excited at having it all come together.

After sewing all the squares and thinking that I had a good chance of achieving success, I began 'twisting'. Well, I'm not totally unhappy with what I created. However, it's not really a tree. So I guess I'll have to go back to the drawing board and try again.

Can you kind of see my tree, now that I've given you an out line?

Some folks use paint, some use clay, I guess I use fabric. It doesn't always turn out the way I see it. Sometimes it's better, sometimes it's worse, but all in all it's fun. Share with us what you've been working on. We'd love to see your photos and read any comments you'd like to share.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend of sewing and creating! Happy stitching and may your bobbins always be full!

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