Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I don't know about all of you, but for the past few days I have been absolutely freezing! Waking up in the morning to a frost covered car is not my ideal scenario. At that moment I feel like putting my sweat pants back on, making a nice cup of hot cocoa, and curling up on the couch with a blanket and my favorite movie on the TV. But since days where we are free from responsibility don't come around too often, I just go outside and scrape the ice off of my car and drive to work.
However, it is always good to be prepared in case a day where you have no
responsibility comes around. I found this amazing recipe for hot cocoa online the
other day, and I just have to share it!

It's called Cookie Dough Cocoa (just the title makes my mouth water.) If you'd like to see this recipe or print it out, click here.
I think the
only adjustment I would make to this would be to make homemade chocolate chip cookies instead of using Cookie Crisp cereal. That's just my opinion because I am not the biggest fan of Cookie Crisp.

Anyways, while you're all enjoying that recipe, lets get on to the quilting treats I have in store for today!


In your email blasts last week you were filled in on how our football game is going to work, how you earn points, and just how much fun it's going to be! But so far I have neglected to mention all of the amazing, incredible, quilt samples that will be on an incredible
All of our quilts are already hanging up in the shop, so come in early and scope out the samples. They will be priced at rates that will knock your socks off! Hurry to Parkland Parish Quilt Co. and see what we have to offer, and don't forget to come join us on Sunday,
February 6th for a day of games, fun, and great deals!

Our Saturday BOM class has been filling up quickly! There are very
few spots left and the last day to register for this class is Saturday, February 5th! You can register online, in the shop, or by phone.

And last but not least go to our online store to see all of the REDUCED KITS AND PRE-CUT FABRICS
that have now been added! With the majority of our online merchandise on sale, you won't want to pass up this opportunity!

Well, all of this talk about treats makes me want my own cup of hot chocolate. I'm going to go make myself some.I hope this blog post has found you all doing well and very happy.
May your bobbin always be full! -Taylor

P.S. Keep yours eyes and ears open because there's an extra-exciting
treat coming your way... (check your emails... *cough cough*)
I wonder what it could be...

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