Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Some Rainy Day Cheer

Good morning! ...or afternoon, evening, whichever time of day it just so happens to be as you are perusing this blog post. The rainy, cold weather has been making me yearn for summertime, and as I was thinking about how unhappy I was that it wasn't summer yet (I'm a summer and sun person through and through), a quote that I heard once popped into my head.

"Being happy doesn't mean that everything is perfect. It means that you've decided to look
beyond the imperfections."
As I let the meaning of this quote sink in, I realized that all I have to do is look past the rain and summer will come soon enough.
So if there are any imperfections in your quilts or projects you're working on at the moment, look beyond them! See the opportunity you have to laugh and learn and grow.
And while it may still be cold outside, I have quite a few things to share that are very good reasons to be happy!

First of all, we have a LOT of new fabric in the shop! But sadly, I'm not going to tell you about it in this blog. Watch your emails for the email newsletter that will be sent out tomorrow, and you will see pictures! All I can say is that it is all absolutely

Next month we have one of the best days of the whole year, and it is definitely a day to celebrate! What day am I talking about you ask? Well Superbowl Sunday, of course! All of us ladies here at The Parish are gearing up and getting ready to play some football on Sunday, February 6th and you can play in our game too! There will be two teams competing against one another for the most points. Now, you
don't have to go out in a cold, wet, football field and run around chasing the person holding the ball. You get to stay inside our nice and cozy quilt shop while you play!

The rules of the game are:
You will get a score card upon entering the shop. The color of that card will determine which team you are on. Then, as you shop you have the opportunity to earn a certain amount of points! The method in which you will earn these points will be revealed in the email
newsletter! So watch your emails tomorrow for more details!!!
Whichever team at the end of the day has the most points will get a special prize! And, even if you aren't on the winning team, the points you earn will be beneficial to you on your next visit to our quilt shop!

And last but not least, I suppose I should acknowledge Valentine's Day... because it is a
wonderful holiday! Even if you don't have a valentine this year, let someone that you care for know just how much. The
perfect way to show them is with a Parkland Parish Quilt Co. Gift Certificate! They are now purchasable online through a very simple process.

Well I hope this post finds you all very happy despite any imperfections you might feel in any aspect of anything. All of us here at Parkland Parish are always happy to listen and help you with some "quilt therapy."

May your bobbin always be full! -Taylor

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