Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Valentine's Day Anyone?

As Valentine's Day approaches we are all inclined to let our minds linger a little more on thoughts of love, friendship, and romance. Chocolate, candy, and hearts are all over the place in grocery stores, the mall, and restaurants. It is in our nature as humans to make connections with people; to form meaningful relationships with loved ones.
So as this holiday comes closer, start thinking about a gift that would mean the most to those that you love. Whether it's a hand-made card, that cute pair of boots that she's been drooling over for weeks, or just 30 minutes of catching up with a good friend and some tea, do something for those that have meaning in your life this Valentine's Day. I know that I will.

And even though Parkland Parish Quilt Co. is a quilt shop we still want to help you celebrate this holiday! We have some adorable "chocolate" fabrics that arrived in the shop. To see a couple samples, click here.
We also got in a fun Lakehouse line that features polka dots, cakes, and TEA CUPS! These tea cups are absolutely adorable! To see more of this line that would be absolutely perfect for Valentine's day, click here.

We have two wonderful classes quickly approaching that have spots left. I recommend you sign up quickly, before you miss your chance! This Saturday, February 12th is the English Sewing Box class. It is not only a cute box, but it is great for storing whatever quilting supplies you need to stay in one place!
We also have our Fabulous Floor Mat class meeting on Valentines day! From 10 am - 3:30 pm get instruction from Kathy McKenna on how to create your own beautiful floor mat! Call the shop today to sign up!

I hope this blog post finds all of you happy, warm, and quilting. May your bobbin always be full!!


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