Thursday, February 28, 2013

Meet Stash Dasher Carol Oshiro...

The first Friday of each month we hope to feature a new Stash Dasher. This month's Dasher is Carol, she has been quilting for three years! Her friend Ginger, inspires her by taking her projects to work to share what's she's been working on. This inspiration lead her to enthusiastically get quilting!! She began with a new machine and dove in. She shares that she hasn't followed Norma Jean's rule; "Only have three projects going a time", but she plans to to after she empties a few containers. Carol has taken Norma Jean's class and shares that it has really helped her grow as a quilter. When she began taking photos, she realized that she had 17 containers of projects cut waiting to be sewed along with all kinds of other fabrics. As Carol has looked at her projects, she's not sure why she wanted to make them. However, she is determined to follow through and get them done! She's gone through 16.75 yards so far in our challenge! Go Carol! Go!

Most of Carol's quilts have gone to family, but her goal is to finish projects with this Stash Dash Challenge and have quilts to give her neighbors for Christmas this year!

We wish Carol best of luck on her endeavor!! Like to share your Stash Dash story, email me at and you could be featured here!!

Here are some photos of Carol's sewing space and stash... Look familiar? Get sewing and share with us!

It's not to late to become a Stash Dasher! Join in the fun and get those projects done! Call the shop to join (253) 531-4309. Interested in taking Norma Jean's class to help you learn skills to finish up your quilts? Click here to register for next upcoming class.

Happy sewing and may your bobbin always be full!

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