Thursday, March 14, 2013

Easter Bunnies...

Did you know that The Parish carries wool? Well, we do. I have to admit I'm a little addicted to working with wool and would love to get more projects in! Currently we have a wonderful Christmas kit that features wool called Winter Woolyland and a Primitive Gatherings pattern call Home for the Holidays that features wool and cotton.

Winter Woolyland...
Primitive Gatherings Home for the Holidays...

But in keeping with Crafting Month and the fact that Easter is just around the corner, I thought I'd use some of the wool we have on the bolt and make some fun Easter Bunnies!! So here's what I did...

Thanks to the Purlbee for their wonderful template and tutorial... Click here for the bunny template.

First, I traced the templates on to template plastic, since I knew my bunnies needed a family.

Next, I cut out all my shapes and then traced them on to the wool. You need two colors to create one bunny. I have an assortment of browns and greys. You need about a yard of the main color and then 1/4 of a yard for the contrasting fabric.

This was actually the longest part of the process. Once you get everything traced and cut, you'll be on your way to your bunny family!

Next begin sewing your pairs together. Inner/outer ear, legs, arms. The head and body are a little more tricky, but not really.

Once you have your pairs sewn, then you are ready to tackle the head. There are three parts to the head, a top and two sides; don't forget to put your ears in! You will need to sew the sides to the top and then flip out your head to get this...

Now you're ready to tackle the body. You want to be sure to leave an opening for stuffing on one set, on the other leave openings for the arms and legs. Refer to your templates.

After you've sewn all your pieces together, you are now ready to stuff! I let my kiddos help me. It was fun!

Stuff your arms and legs only!

Once your arms and legs are stuffed you will need to get them inside the body to sew them in. Be sure that your legs are facing the right way. The stuffing hole should be in the back. If you get it wrong you can always fix it the way I did. :) Don't ask!!??

Then flip your bunny out! It should begin to look like a bunny now. Next you need to flip everything back in and put your head inside. Use a back stitch around the neck twice to be sure your little guys head stays on well. Then flip him out again and it's time to stuff!

Stuff away! As you can see, I didn't get my stuffing hole in the back. So I had to improvise and I appliqued a heart on my bunny.

I think it turned out cute with the heart. It's the way to take a mistake and make it into a design element! Next embroider the eyes and nose and you're done! Lovable and soft!!

Happy sewing and may your bobbin always be full! Make a basket full of bunnies and have a happy Easter!

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