Thursday, August 2, 2012

All kinds of new goodies at the Parish!

Check out all the new fun fabrics we got in especially Novelties and Christmas!
3 Sisters designed such a beautiful Christmas line this year it is unbelievable! Just wait til you see it because you will not be thinking " oh yes this would make a stunning Christmas Quilt" It will be more along the lines of, "What this is Christmas?". This fabric can be used in many different ways due to the fact its not just red and green, it has the added colors of blue, grey, and cream! Not only did we get the fabric line we also have a kit and honey-bun!
Click Here to see this elegant line!

Snow Day Batiks
For all of you Batik lovers out there we cannot wait to tell you about the fun new Christmas line made up of winter inspired Batiks! They are in the tones of blue, grey, cream, and white! It is awesome! All of us here cannot stop looking at the intricate designs embedded in the fabric! There are mittens, snowmen, and holly leaves! It is just too much fun to look at all the details! 
Click Here to view the rest of the line!
When you think of Joy you think happiness. When you think of happiness you think of fabric. When you think of fabric you are instantly reminded of all your fun projects you have yet to make or finish! So lets get ahead of the game and make a fun Christmas quilt that will bring the fun side of the holiday out! Joy is filled with the very bright colors! Red, Green, and a touch of Blue! 
Click Here to view the rest of the line!

Click here to view all the fun novelties we got in! There's Route 66, Vintage Cars, Football Stripe, and Apple Stripe!

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