Monday, July 23, 2012

Fun Fusible Teddy Bears!

With this dreary weather we have had for a summer in Washington, it has left us to keep the little ones entertained! Here is something you and your little ones could do! Fusible Teddy Bears, they have the ability to go anywhere! On T-shirts, Baby Quilts, Aprons, Really the list could go on forever!

Baby Quilts: Get a fun colored charm square pack and sew all those together it could be about 5 x 6 (squares) which would be a good size for any little one. Then once it is sewn together you can fuse a teddy bear to every other square! 

Aprons: For the amounts of baking we do when we have children there is a good chance we wear an apron to protect out clothes! But one day we will get the question - "Mommy can I have an apron just like you?" Of course how can we say no.. So once you pick out the perfect apron and the little one picks out the colors you could let them join in on the fun and let them place the teddy bear's where they would want them! Even though it is just a little task they will enjoy being a part of the "Process"!

T-Shirts: Now this would be a quick and easy "rainy day" project! Go to your local store  to pick up a pack of  T-Shirts  and use them to fuse on all the fun teddy bears! Not only could they place them on the shirt they could decorate them with glitter glue, markers, and ric-rac! It would be a fun birthday party idea or just a fun project to keep them entertained!

If you are interested in getting your own pack of teddy bears with fusible backing already on it give us a call and we would be more than happy to send you a pack!

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