Friday, July 12, 2013

Meet Stash Dasher Ginger Ott...

If you've been following us you know that each month we feature one of our Stash Dasher's and this month it's Ginger Ott. Ginger is a wonder!! Each month for our Block of the Month she brings in SEVERAL FINISHED quilts and never fails to impress. For someone who works full-time, has a home business and children I find her amazing!! Here is what Ginger has chosen to share with us this month...

For years I had several co-workers trying to get me into to quilting and I just never got the bug. We would make a quilt and raffle it off for Relay for Life, I would do the embroidery parts and make the labels.

For my first attempt at quilting I picked something hard, but I fell in love with the pattern after my first trip to the sewing expo.

I was busy making embroidery designs and didn’t realize how I could merge the two together. It started with me playing around with some blocks a friend of mine cut wrong for her project and I have been hooked since. Quilting is a great way for me to use up my test sews from the embroidery designs I make before any designs are placed on the website.

Of all my quilts I think this is one of my favorites, it was my first attempt at following a pattern I saw in a magazine.

Last year I started teaching my friends 7 year old daughter how to sew and she is hooked, we have sewing play dates and she is even a “Shop Hopper” for the last 2 years now. Mallory has made 2 rag quilt and 1 lap quilt and is now working on making a quilt with the disappearing 4 patch block.

Of all the projects and quilts I have donated this is the one, that had the biggest impact on me. In 2012 a co-worker was stuck by a car and later passed from her injuries. We had over 20 people at my house working on a quilt for her, which we gave to her husband. Quilting truly does make people come together regardless if they are crafty or not. We had people pressing seams, cutting fabric, sewing blocks together and keeping us all fed.

Stash Dash is a program that we are running to help our community of ladies use up their 'stash' and finish their projects. We began in February of this year and will be ending in December. If you'd like to join us, just contact us at the shop or by email at and we can get you signed up! Also, if you're a Stash Dasher and would like to be featured, send me your story and some photos and we will share it in our upcoming posts. Happy stitching and may your bobbins always be full!

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