Monday, January 7, 2013

Meet Grand Champion Quilter Norma Jean Nyman

We are honored to have her as a teacher here at the Parish! Norma Jean has been quilting for over 11 years. In all her years of quilting she has always quilted her own quilts. Norma Jean finds quilting relaxing. It’s a great stress relief for her. If anyone finds quilting stressful, whether it be the selecting the fabric to quilting your project, she suggests that you get comfortable with that part of the process. She has found that as you get better you become much more relaxed. The key is to not get overwhelmed. To that end Norma Jean only works on three projects at a time! She will not take on another project while working on those three. They can be in any part of the process, but there can only be three.

No matter what project Norma Jean undertakes her process is always the same. She begins visualizing her quilting while piecing her top. To Norma Jean the quilting at the end is a crucial part of the beginning as well. The most important point I took away from our conversation was basting and stabilizing. That is the most daunting part of the quilting process, but also the most crucial! If you baste and stabilize your quilt well and correctly, you should be able to begin quilting anywhere on your quilt. In fact she often begins at the boarders to reduce weight on the quilt. This is a tremendous help when quilting a large quilt. Marking your quilt is another vital part of the quilting process. How you mark you quilt can make all the difference in how difficult your quilting is. Having an idea of your design, doodling it and then practicing that design is a huge benefit.
Grand Champion Quilt
Norma Jean has one Grand Champion quilt that has traveled all over the country. She sends them to different events to be judged. She also has one Reserve Grand Champion quilt that won in the Master’s Division.

Norma Jean is, as you can see, an extremely talented and accomplished quilter. We are so honored to offer her classes here. Click here to view our calendar so you can sign up for one of her upcoming classes.

Reserve Grand Champion

Happy sewing and may your bobbin always be full!

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