Friday, January 4, 2013

100 Yard Stash Dash...

It's a new year and new projects to work on. Or maybe it's a new year to tackle those UFO's!! Here at the Parish we are offering a new program to help you get those UFO's that are laying about your sewing room done! Let's all get reacquainted with our stash and get some projects done!

To that end I'm kicking off our 100 yard Stash Dash with a newly embroidered pillow! This year I have set a goal to learn a new skill and my first one is embroidery. Here's what I did...

I inherited this partially done with a quick lesson on the basics. I then finished the project and went through my stash an found a pillow form and fabric to make this pillow.

 To make this pillow I just bordered the embroidery fabric. If you're not sure how to add a border you can click here for my past post on borders.

Once I bordered my image I made a pocket in the back to create the sham.

I sewed everything right sides together and the turned it out.

Kicking Off the 100 yard Stash Dash Challenge!
How well do you know your stash?  How many unfinished projects do you have?  Well, if you are like most of us, you have way too many UFO’s and that stash is just begging to be put to use!  So we have just the best, most fun program to help you get through all those projects and into your stash:  The 100 Yard Stash Dash Challenge!  

Here is how it works:
Purpose:  To finish projects, use our stash and just have some good stitching fun!
The Dash officially begins February 3, 2013 and runs through December 31, 2013.
Register for the Dash January 1-28, 2013.  To participate you can either use 2 fat quarters from your stash and pay $3.75 or pay just $10 and we will purchase your fat quarters for you!  You then become a Stash Dasher and are eligible to play!

1.       Fabric used must be part of your stash by January 28th (honor system here).
2.       You may purchase fabric for backgrounds, bindings, backings and borders - that will count too if purchased at The Parish Quilt Shoppe.
3.       All projects completed this year will count towards the 100 yards.  This includes table toppers, bags, wall hangings, and, of course, quilts.
4.       Projects must be completed – the goal is to use our stash and complete UFO’s – not make more UFO’s!!
5.       How to calculate how much fabric you used in your project? The easiest way is to take the width times the length and divide by 40 to get how many inches and then divide that by 36 to get your yardage.  If you use yardage from your stash for the backing, then you would double this amount for the project.  Don’t stress on this part – we will help you!
6.       If at the end of each month you're not able to finish a project from your stash. Your penalty will be one fat quarter for the kitty. You can bring it in or send it to the Parish.
7.       Quarterly winners!!  Each quarter we will draw a name from all our participants and they will win a prize in addition to being featured on our facebook page, or blog or blast so we can see what everyone is working on!
8.       As the 100 yards is completed, each participant will win a fat quarter bundle, beautifully coordinated and bundled from all entry the fat quarters!  What fun!
9.       Be on the watch throughout the year for Stash Dash Sew Days and specials for everyone participating and playing!

This will be sew much fun and inspiring – we will encourage each other with just a bit of competing! I am excited to see who can use 100 yards from their stash and complete those UFO’s this year.

May your bobbin always be full!

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