Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Springtime Centerpiece Filler

It seems like centerpieces are the first step to decorating your home for the season. With St. Patrick's Day coming up this month you probably already have those centerpieces out and looking fabulous, so we decided to give you an idea for an Easter centerpiece. 

These fabric eggs are simple yet elegant, and work with filling any centerpiece whether it be a basket, vase, or cute springtime bowl. 

Fabric Eggs

On the blog Retro Mama, she writes a tutorial for making these adorable eggs. All you need is:

-10"w x 5"h Quilting cotton, linen or other non-stretchy woven fabric in one or more prints 
-Fiberfill, Nature-fill or other similar polyester or natural stuffing
-Disappearing Ink Pen
-Hand sewing needle
-Pattern (I recommend printing it on card stock for easy tracing)

For full instructions on how to make these eggs, click here.

Picture from Sewfaithful on Etsy.
Tutorial taken from Retro Mama.

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