Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Easter Basket Ideas

Getting tired of giving your kids and grandchildren the same sugar packed candy every year for Easter? As a little girl we had three staples in our Easter baskets:
A chocolate bunny
A Reese's Peanut Butter Egg
A Marshmallow Egg

And then there were some jelly beans and malted eggs, but most of the things we got really excited about were the other things like a new headband, lip gloss, or earrings. The fun things in an Easter basket don't always have to be candy. You can get creative!

Womansday.com gives some great ideas for all age groups on how to fill an Easter basket with non-candy items.

For kids from 2-5 years old, sidewalk chalk and Color Dotz are suggested. Sidewalk chalk is fun for kids to be creative with, and Color Dotz make bath time a blast! They can turn the water ocean blue or grass green!

For your older kids, ages 6-9, give them hair accessories or some balsa wood gliders. They will be excited about them eventually; even if the morning filled with the candy hunt overshadows them for a moment. Give your girls a new pair of earrings and your boys a new water gun. 

And for those teenage girls in your family give them nail polish, make up, or a new lotion. And for your teenage boys give them a subscription to a magazine about cars, boats, or whatever interests them.

Easter is a wonderful holiday, and let's be honest: kids love it for the candy. But you can start to add other things to their baskets that don't have to be candy that can still be fun and exciting! 

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