Tuesday, April 5, 2011

To pre-wash or not to pre-wash? That is the question.

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Here is a fun topic that all quilters have an opinion about.
Do you wash your fabric before starting a project?

When I began quilting, my first project was a baby quilt made from a fat quarter pattern.  I washed all of my fat quarters and when I took them out of the dryer, they had shrunk so much that I had to go back to the quilt shop and purchase another fat quarter of every fabric.  Ever since then, I have not pre-washed my fabric.

My mom, on the other hand, pre-washes her fabric.  The exceptions being, if it came in a kit, or is a specialty cut like a fat quarter.  She prefers to have her fabric shrink before she puts it into a quilt and she also likes to wash out any excess dye.  She does not want fabric from a kit to shrink because it may shrink too much and leave her without enough fabric to finish her project.

We would love to hear your thoughts on this topic.
Do you pre-wash or not?


  1. Great topic! I used to prewash but don't any more. When I wash the finished quilt for the first time the cotton batting shrinks a bit. I prefer for the fabric and batting to shrink a bit together.

  2. You all convinced me not to prewash anymore. I do stick a Shout Color Catcher sheet in the washer the first time I wash a quilt just in case any of the dyes bleed.

  3. I do not wash and hope the fabric I am buying quality fabric that won't shrink when washed.

    Laura Jenks


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