Friday, May 31, 2013

Misty Fuse...

Here at the Parish we are always trying new products that will make life easier and get us the best finished product. Well, recently we've been force to change fusible products due to some issues with the makers of Steam-a-Seam. We've tried a couple, but the one we love is called Misty Fuse.

What we love about this product is how sheer and soft it is. It makes the projects you use it in much more supple and nice. Here's some photos of a project I'm working on and you can see what you think.

See how fine it is. When you use this product you will need either a pressing sheet or parchment paper. You place the Misty Fuse on your fabric and I make a sandwich with my applique pressing sheet and fuse the product to my fabric.

You should be using a dry iron. Let it the fabric cool for a second or two before removing the pressing sheet.

Your fabric will now have a shine to the wrong side of the fabric. This isn't the greatest photo, but believe me it does.

You will do all your tracing on your parchment paper and you can reuse your tracing several times. I love that part!! The fusible will pick up your drawing. I just used a number 2 pencil.

I put the fabric on the pressing sheet with the fusible facing up. I put the parchment with the drawing facing down, sandwich the pressing sheet over the top and press.

You can now either: cut the piece out with the paper in place. This makes it like Steam-a-Seam. Or you can peel the paper off and cut out your shape on the lines left on the fusible. Then your scissor never has to cut paper.

Once you get all your pieces cut you place and fuse as normal, however they are not tacky. You can use the tip of your iron to tack them down if you need to and then fuse them when you get everything placed how you like it. I think you get a much crisper edge not cutting with the paper on. REMEMBER you always using a dry iron with this product.

This is a block I'm working on from my new Block of the Month called Autumn Evening. It begins Monday, June 17th and runs for 5 months. So you'll have it done in the autumn to adorn your home! Call the shop if you're interested 253.531.4309.

I hope you try this product and love it as much as we do!! Let us know what your favorite products are, share your comments below. We'd love to hear from you! Happy stitching and may your bobbin always be full!!

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