Tuesday, May 15, 2012

No Sew Bag!

As a women bags can be the best accessory! They hold anything and everything for us as we go through our day to day lives! So why not make your own bag without touching your sewing machine! All you need is 1 1/2 yards of fabric and you can call it good! 

-Lay down your fabric with right side facing up.
-Fold it into a triangle, wrong side out.
-Take the right hand corner, and bring it up to meet the center of your triangle, bunch it together to make a roll.
-Tie a knot at the base.
-Do the same to the left side.
-Take the top of your triangle and open it up. You can now see the right side again.
-Flip the whole thing over, wrong side up.
-Tuck your knots and straps into the middle.
-Pick up both ends and put them together, your knots are inside now. You can push down on the inside of the bag to stretch out the fabric. The knots are now to the sides of your bag.
- Turn the bag over so the knots become front and back of your purse. Stretch and pull the fabric as you go to get the right look for you.
-Tie a knot at the very top of your bag to make a handle, left over right, then right over left. That's it!

Now that is a quick and easy project to do for any day of the week! They also make cute gifts to give to friends and family!

Fun Extra Tips!
-Use two 1 1/2 yrd cuts and place them right sides touching to have a lined bag on the inside! It makes for a thicker bag and holds it shape!
-Add embellishments to it if desired!

-Sew the handles together it gives you a little bit more length!

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