Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Baby Fever!

Is it just us or are more and more family members and friends making the announcement they are having a little one! It makes for a really fun time especially for the close relatives and friends; lets be honest it is a blast shopping for babies, especially when you can make something yourself! 

So in honor of all you lovely moms to be, and brand new moms here are some fun and quick craft ideas that the Ladies of the Parish thought would come in handy!

Burp Cloths!
These clothes are perfect on the go and even at home, it makes it convenient when you can just toss them into the diaper bag, also once they become dirty they can fit in a small Ziploc bag if you are farther away from home!
-1 yard of two coordinating flannels (1/2 yrd each)
-1/2 yard of batting (warm & natural)
-Matching Thread

Click Here to be directed to Jill Designs for the templates and instructions!

Quick and Easy Receiving Blanket!
This make perfect gifts to friends and family, they are quick and easy and you could have 5 whipped up in no time at all! You only need a 30" square for the blanket front and 40" square for the blanket back! 
Click Here to download the PDF instructions

Here are two little Bootie Patterns we carry at the Parish Call us today and order over the phone or Click Here to order now!

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