Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mothers Day Gift Ideas!

The day is approaching to celebrate our wonderful mothers! We all sometimes just tend to run out of ideas when it comes down to what she would like. It never has to be a big extravagant gift, the small and simple ones made from the heart are always the best; and most meaningful!

Here is a craft idea of what you could make her! A Embroidery Sachet! 


-Scrap fabric or Muslin
-Sewing Machine (You can also hand sew!)
-Lavender (any scent works)
-Embroidery Thread
-Small embroidery hood and needle

1) Let's get started, shall we? First, cut your scrap fabric into a rectangle, roughly 4.5" x9", but make a size that works for you. Iron your rectangle in two
2) Then fold in the two raw edges at the ends and press them too (These will be your finished edges)
3) Use a pencil to draw out a simple design, put directly on the fabric for minimal fuss.
4) Begin to embroider the design you made
5) Now you'll want to press out the hoop imprint (make it nice and crisp)
6) Turn your handiwork inside out. Use your sewing machine to make two neat seams along both raw sides.
7) Next, trim away any excess fabric and threads. Snip the corners at diagonals which gives a tidier looking corner. Then Turn right side out
8) Gently fill your Sachet with the desired scent and run the top through the sewing machine, cut unnecessary threads and viola! 

All supplies can be found at our shop; Parkland Parish QuiltCo! We also just got in 438 different colored Cosmo Embroidery Thread! This makes your options endless!

Ideas from Favecrafts.com 

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